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How can we help you feel better today?

Relief from Pain

It is estimated that almost everyone at some point in their lives will experience back or neck pain, headaches, and muscle sprains. While there are many causes of pain, often it can be attributed to imbalances in muscles, misalignment or improper function of one or more of the several hundred joints of the body. Chiropractic has been clinically proven to provide relief from joint pain, muscle pain and headaches.

Postural/Structural Analysis

Postural habits are a combination of genetics and conditioning, learned from the people around us in our formative years. It is influenced by the positions we adopt while at work, habits at home, participating in sports, and all other aspects of our lives. Proper postural habits, both static and in motion, can relieve pain and discomfort, increase energy, keep the joints healthier, and increase overall quality of life.

Athletic Conditioning

Most professional sports teams and many school and amateur teams either employ or retain a chiropractor. Proper alignment and muscle conditioning play a crucial role in athletic performance. This includes the spine, back, and neck structures as well as the shoulders, hips, arms, and legs.